Zimmer auf Samos


Samosrooms & Holiday Apartments in Pythagorio village Greece

Samosrooms are located in the village of Pythagorio, situated on the south eastern side of Samos island.

Samosrooms in Pythagorio village is comprised of 2 fully-equipped studios for rent, guaranteeing a pleasant quiet and relaxed stay on Samos Island. Situated at the highest point of Pythagorio village territory, with magnificent view from the South west overlooking the yachts moored at Pythagorio harbor, the open Aegean sea and Agathonissi island on South and the penninsula of Mykali on the south east side.

Samos Island, Greece

Samos Island is a popular island getaway in the Samos province. It hosts many visitors, creating a charming vacation destination. The island possesses all characteristics of a traditional North Aegean Island; lots of forests,tall mountains, cobblestone alleyways, hundreds of churches and windmills, water falls. Along the coast of Samos Island there are several wonderful sandy beaches and secluded coves that are ideal for endless hours of swimming and sunbathing. When night falls, the island is transformed into a nightlife hotspot that offers entertainment till sun up.

Pythagorio village, Samos Island

Pythagorio Town,(the birthplace of the famous - ancient period - mathematician) the most frequented area of Samos, is located on the south eastern side of the island. The town is built ascending the hill in an amphitheatric style, with the whitewashed houses, white and blue domed churches and windmills creating a beautifully picturesque vista. Pythagorio Town with a well-developed tourist infrastructure, is full of cafes, bars, clubs, tavernas and restaurants that cater to the hundreds of visitors form Greece and abroad, that vacation on the island every year. Also Pythagorio town is famous for its harbor and for the houndreds of sail yacht and motor yachts mooring each summer season


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